Irene Baranova

Sr. Visual Designer & Brand Strategist

Irene Baranova

A professional artist, Irene is an expert in visual design. Custom illustrations, logos, UI/UX design - there is nothing she couldn’t manage with creativity and attention to clients. Outside of design, Irene is a passionate writer ready to share her experience in the Ester blog.


Irene Baranova

Articles by Irene Baranova


Mobile-First vs Responsive Web Design: Choose Your Fighter

For the past few years, mobile has become universally prevalent and acknowledged as the dominating form of digital media. The number of mobile users is increasing exponentially, as well as the demand for websites that are tailor-made specifically for mobile devices. In 2020 it was estimated that half of the web traffic worldwide is spent...


Graphic Design: Everything You Should Know About It

Quite a few of us think that just because we spend our subway commute looking at countless Pinterest accounts and liking artsy Ikebana posts on Instagram, it means we have an impeccable taste and if we get into a room full of designers right now, we’d crush it. But let’s be honest with ourselves here:...


Ira Baranova, Visual Designer & Head of UI/UX team on Baron Magazine

Who are you: I’m Ira Baranova, a visual designer who’s stuck way too deep in custom illustration. Your current job: Visual designer & head of UI/UX team at Ester Digital. In which city are you located? There are three cities in my life: Tallinn (where I’m currently based), Lviv and Odesa. A word to define what kind...

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