William Davies

Content Writer

William is a content writer who loves to explain complicated things easily. And we should admit, he has a talent for it. Aside from writing interesting articles about digital design, William likes good movies, literature, and coffee.

Articles by William Davies


How to humanize a technology brand and communicate it to humans

How thoughtful brand strategy design helps to make nonhuman products, like hardware speak to humans. Joined up thinking There is a good way of doing something and a bad way of doing something. The bad way is all too common nowadays, examples of a lack of joined up thinking are prevalent from the very bottom...

Experience England

Kitsch and Luxury in Branding and Logo design

Different ways to transmit the idea of luxury in branding and logo design. Luxury. What is it exactly? Pampering? Expense? Taste? Beauty? Never a truer word was spake than “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” There are accepted standards, but these change over time. There are arbiters of taste, but sometimes just as many...

trans nordic tours tnt

Typography with a local touch. Trans Nordic Tours.

How Scandinavian runes and manuscripts helped us to build a modern wordmark logo for the travel agency. Ok localness is praiseworthy. This is generally accepted.  In a world of air miles and far-flung travel at the drop of a hat, climate change, food additives and strawberries in January, worries of the world at large have...