In order to help our clients stand out, we had to carry out several tasks. The first challenge was to rethink brand guidelines since the previous design was pretty outdated. The aim was to make their website innovative and fresh, and we believe we have modernized it to the best of our ability.

The next step was about making sure the navigation was smooth as well as flawless and creating a user-friendly UX that would comply with the customer site map and website architecture.

Another challenge lied in the necessity for the definition and adoption of a new style for illustrations and demonstration of the customer’s bestseller services.

Implementation of a cohesive design system that would unite their corporate website with graphics printed along with digital materials was our next challenge.

Furthermore, we faced the need to create social media imagery and design kit for LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Our team of professionals did their best to design the website in a way that would meet the company’s needs and expectations.

First, we developed a new stunning design system that helped to avoid inconsistencies between the corporate website and new educational materials. We also applied an upbeat and lively color scheme and produced a refreshed and slightly revamped minimalist logo.

Second, for the sake of gaining the full attention and focus of students on the material provided, we created minimalist infographics supported by abstract and trendy imagery. Furthermore, we worked out reusable templates (for inner use) that the team will be able to maintain independently, without our help. Eventually, the new website architecture married a new UI along with a new SEO strategy to catch the attention of Google and Bing.

While considering the choice of colors and fonts, we focused on the main goal of FlowRepublic, which is to bring knowledge of soft skills such as empathy and communication to technically savvy professionals. That seems to be a combination of somehow incompatible things. Therefore, we decided to apply the same approach to the visual design. We used a trendy blue color that is associated with innovations and fresh ideas and combined it with orange and crimson colors that remind us of something warm and delightful.

Talking about the fonts, a geometric sans serif Red Hat Display was used since besides being an easy-readable one, this font is pretty roundish making it charming and friendly.

Moreover, custom illustrations that reflect both abstract concepts and real people that interact with each other in various situations were created. Such mixtures of humane vs scientific, as well as logic vs emotions, also bring us back to the main design concept.

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