At the beginning of 2020, a group of European travel companies joined together to become one, under the Tour Partner Group brand. Tour Partner Group (TPG) brings together more than 300 B2B travel experts for the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Nordics and Baltics. With a coherent identity and a new corporate website, they are ready to unlock new possibilities.

Ester’s brief was to create a bright, bold and comprehensive website to help TPG make the transition. The client wanted to move away from the corporate look they had earlier and implement their new branding in an engaging and eye-catching way. One of the primary requests was to display the bright brand colours in a creative way.

Breathtaking photos are essential tools in the travel industry. And in TPG’s website they have a leading role, working as a source of inspiration for designing and coding custom galleries and interactive slideshows. Ester’s UI designers created a pastel colour scheme to create a welcoming, less corporate look and feel, and at the same time not drown out the photos. Pastel and earthy tones became primary, inspired by sunlit valleys and streets at the golden hour, and reflecting the great value of warm human relationships.

The design creates the impression of an album filled with memories due to the effect of photo stacks. A star leitmotif appears too, serving as a symbol of travel and supports the compass in TPG’s logo.

As a final touch, our designers developed a system of delightful microinteractions and UI animations, including an interactive globe model. Despite the complexity of the visual effects, Ester’s WordPress developers ensured the website is fully optimized and responsive.

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