Abstract and Minimalist Design Posters in Modern Graphic Art

As almost any visual design trend, minimalist & abstract posters are equally rooted in both art history and nowadays realities.

Mobile-First vs Responsive Web Design: Choose Your Fighter

Over the past few years, mobile devices have become widely used and acknowledged as the primary form of digital media, with the number of mobile users increasing exponentially. Consequently, there is a growing demand for websites that are specifically tailored to mobile devices. In fact, it is estimated that 60.67% of the world’s web traffic...

10 Best Healthcare & Medical Website Designs

Nowadays, good health is not merely an advantage to have, but an urgent necessity. With more modern and technological features, the best medical web design for healthcare platforms and websites are transforming into irreplaceable mechanisms for managing therapy plans and scheduling visits. The year 2020 became a turning point when healthcare took the informational forefront...

Corporate identity Ester Digital
What Is a Corporate Identity: The Reasons and Practices to Implement It

Corporate identity is crucial for any business, and a strong one can make all the difference in a competitive market. From logos to packaging, it encompasses everything that makes your brand unique.

Ester Digital Is Included In the Top UI/UX Design Companies According to In July chose Ester Digital as one of the Top UI/UX Designing Companies of July 2020. Our Ester Digital team thanks for their trust and faith in us and is deeply honored to be included in the list of the best design agencies! In their recent press release regarding UI/UX design,, popular research and...

Graphic Design: Everything You Should Know About It

Many of us might believe that spending our daily subway commute browsing Pinterest accounts and liking artistic posts on Instagram is enough to cultivate an impeccable taste in design. However, the truth is that this perception is far from reality. It is important to acknowledge that graphic design involves intricate processes that cannot be mastered...

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