10 Best Healthcare & Medical Website Designs

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Nowadays good health is not an advantage to have but an urgent necessity. With more modern and technological features, the healthcare platforms and websites are turning into irreplaceable mechanisms for following therapy plans and scheduling visits.

2020 has become the year where healthcare took the informational forefront across the globe. Following the COVID-19 crisis, people have realized the importance of healthcare-related platforms that can help to track one’s treatment progress or provide helpful medical data. However, often such platforms are too complex to navigate through or simply unappealing visually. Users’ demand for convenient and inviting healthcare platforms is increasing every day. But what comprises an excellent and efficient healthcare website design?

Let’s start with the obvious part – customized tools and features, fantastic load performance, various incorporated messengers, mobile-friendly and responsive design, interfaces that are easy to use and follow, with special attention paid to the security of the data the website receives. As we’ve mentioned before, people pay more attention not only to the content and functionality but also to the form and arrangement, so having an aesthetically pleasing website is also a must.

Here at Ester Digital, we work with various healthcare businesses and provide them with opportunities that can help them further their development and support worldwide demand for technological and highly effective healthcare solutions. We share our list of the best medical healthcare designs that we revere and look up to when working on our own projects.


Evryman is a platform that provides men with group therapy sessions, retreats, and bonding experiences that can help them face the everyday challenges in regards to the changing paradigm of modern masculinity. 

Ester Digital worked with Evryman to develop their brand positioning via their website and helped to apply their already existing visual identity to the website. The most important thing that the Evryman website provides is the sense of community – men from all walks of life are welcome here and presented with all the necessary information about Evryman retreats and mental health programs.


One Medical

One Medical is a US-based, premium class primary care practice that claims that its mission is to build trust-based relationships with clients and provide every patient with a healthcare advocate who will navigate them through tricky medical information.

One Medical website design is sophisticated and modern: the photos show bright and sleek offices, the brand attributes are harmonized, and every design element echoes the company’s purpose to deliver people-centered healthcare and reflects its exceptional level of expertise in the field.



Zocdoc is an online provider of scheduling medical services. The company sees its mission as to help people to start a better healthcare journey right from the start. The colorful palette and custom illustrations that are used on the website make the user experience more engaging and enjoyable.

ZocDoc focuses on making the online doctor visit scheduling as stress-free and easy as possible by making the booking process transparent and accessible for everyone. The website incorporates several useful functionalities such as meticulous filtering and a search system, a built-in map, an opportunity for the users to book a video visit, or creating their own account.


Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is an academic medical center with, quite possibly, one the most effective websites in terms of providing healthcare data and information in a concise and digestible manner.

The Mayo Clinic platform offers a very clean and uncluttered design: the primary services that the center delivers are placed on the foreground of the homepage where you can’t miss it. A sharp layout, clear navigation, and an avalanche of properly arranged information – all this leaves no questions as to why Mayo Clinic proudly calls itself one of the leading medical centers in the country.


Olathe Health

Olathe Health is a regional health network that provides medical services across several US states and has a vast range of specialists at its disposal. Olathe Health website, as most medical websites, is very informative: you can find a plethora of healthcare-related information and their own specialists.

The first thing a user sees when accessing the website is a short video showing the provided services, peeking through the main menu. The website is equipped with different search systems, location options, navigation buttons, and is easy to follow, even if your experience in using such platforms is limited.


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Cleveland Clinic

The information on the Cleveland Clinic’s website is clearly arranged and defined according to its purpose, mainly, for patients and doctors. It saves time for the users to click on the blocks that they need without having to endlessly scroll down.

As most respected medical websites, Cleveland Clinic has responded to the COVID-19 challenge by posting up-to-date data about the disease and by offering appointments and checkups for the people who might have contracted it. The website allows finding a doctor in the user’s local area and booking an appointment. Along with practical tools, the website has a personable look and manages not to be bleak and austere as a lot of medical websites seem to be.


Spring Health

Spring Health is a platform that provides organizations with comprehensive mental health benefits programs for their employees. Ester Digital team worked on the Spring Health website design and focused on transforming it into a “mental health hub” where the users can feel safe and protected to reach out to specialists and look for professional help.

The portal includes several proprietary machine learning technologies and AI tools that are incorporated seamlessly into the website’s overall look. Long-scrolling pages don’t seem overloaded due to the structured arrangement of information and the tranquil color palette. There are videos, animations, custom-made illustrations, data visualization elements, and pop-ups that liven up the user experience and make it much more pleasing and enjoyable.


Massachusetts General

Being one of the oldest and the best hospitals in the country, Massachusetts General website design mirrors its professional integrity. While its visual identity might not be the most innovative, the level of the institution’s competence is self-evident.

The layers of content centralized on the main page, lack of static design elements, intuitive navigation and focus on user groups make the user experience unique and rewarding. Along with the necessary medical information for the patients, the website published the latest research studies that the hospital has done in partnership with Harvard Medical School, thus making the portal useful for the medical professionals as well.


Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine is a healthcare group in Northwest Illinois that has twelve hospitals and countless medical facilities. Their website, as most hospital websites, provides plenty of medical information and lists of clinicians and practices.

Users can access the MyChart Patient Portal for quicker and more efficient communication with their doctors, look at the photos of the institution itself and its researchers, providing a more personable experience. Transparent interface, clear and bright design and descriptive and detailed main page ensure the positive and beneficial user experience.


Johns Hopkins Medicine

John Hopkins Medicine is a biomedical research and hospital facility in Baltimore, Maryland, and one of the most respected medical organizations in the US. The most recognizable part of the website is the logo – a triangle symbol that mirrors Johns Hopkins Medicine’s “mission of research, education, and patient care.”

The logo features bluish and yellow colors that appear in different varieties across the website tying the visual identity together and making the user experience more wholesome. The website displays all kinds of health-related information, provides possibilities to make an appointment, or get acquainted with a clinician in the patient’s local area.


On a final note

Healthcare websites don’t have to be boring and tedious – it is possible to present complex and intricate information in a relaxed and lively manner with the help of the design. Ester Digital team created multiple healthcare websites, applying a so-called “consumer-centric design approach” and focusing on the specific needs of each customer. As we’ve mentioned before, healthcare platforms are gaining momentum of their popularity at the moment and if you’re reflecting on the need to develop one for your medical organization – now is the time to do it.

We’ve talked about 10 healthcare websites that we think are the strongest in terms of design and coherence, as well as shared our experience of creating a few of them. If you are still unsure about launching or redesigning your healthcare website contact us, and we will take any challenge to help you to expand your business opportunities.

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