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How to Create an Excellent About Us Page to Introduce Your Business

When it comes to building relationships with the public online, companies and businesses use different strategies. However, one aspect that remains constant is the importance of making a good first impression. Whether online or in-person, introducing a brand is a crucial step in establishing a connection with consumers. 

By providing insights into the company’s essence, an introduction can help consumers gain a deeper understanding of the brand. That’s why it’s essential for businesses to have a well-crafted About Us page as part of their UI/UX design. This page can serve as a key resource for customers, allowing them to learn more about the brand, its values, and its unique offerings. 

The Importance of About Us Pages: What They Are and Why Your Website Needs One

Ideally, every website should include a vital web trio in its functionality: a Homepage, an About Us page, and a Contact page. The Homepage serves as the entry point, enticing users to explore further by offering various incentives. The About Us page provides detailed information about the business, giving users an opportunity to learn more before visiting the Contact page. This triptych approach enables gradual user engagement, forming the foundation for solid customer-business relationships.

As an integral part of this web trio, the About Us page plays a critical role in exposing the brand’s essence and pillars. Essentially, it provides an introduction to the business, informing the audience about what it’s all about. This page may be labeled differently, such as “About Us,” “Our Mission,” or “Our Story.” However, they all typically feature the same information, including:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • Your history
  • Your purpose and values
  • What sets you apart from competitors

Usually, the About Us page is located in the footer navigation of a website, requiring users to scroll down to find it. However, an increasing number of websites now feature the link on the main page, making it easily accessible to users.

The Role of the About Us Page in Building Customer Relationships

One effective way to connect with your audience and build trust with potential customers is by telling a story on your About Us page. This is because it’s not just about your business, but about starting a relationship with the outer world.

Typically, people who visit your About page are either first-time visitors or those considering purchasing your products or services. As they go through the content on your About page, both groups of visitors evaluate the possibility of further rapport, looking for convincing answers to their questions, such as:

  • What is the history behind the company?
  • What are the core values of the business, and do they align with my own values?
  • What makes the company special, and why should I choose it over others?
  • How will the company fulfill my needs?
  • Why should I trust the company?

There are many About Us page examples that capitalize on the curiosity of potential customers, and this is exactly what makes them successful. Once visitors find satisfactory answers to their questions, they become more loyal and engaged in a story. Thus, a compelling introduction can help establish the foundation for a relationship between your brand and potential customers.

Moreover, when visitors can relate to your company’s values and views, empathize with your struggles and triumphs, they become emotionally attached to your brand. This emotional connection makes visitors more likely to trust your business, confide in you, and eventually become your customers.

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Putting a Face to Your Business: Why Your About Us Page Matters More Than You Think

Every company claims to have unique core values and features that make it stand out from the competition. However, simply displaying your superiority on the About page doesn’t make sense unless you have an excellent product, service, and a good website. While engaging with visitors on other website pages is essential, a well-crafted About Us page can do much more than just boost favorable relationships.

Here are four reasons why it is crucial for your business:

  • It brings your story front and center: As a business owner, you have a lot to tell about your business, including its history, purpose, mission, values, and people behind it. However, it can be overwhelming to present all of this information to visitors without confusing them. A well-structured About page can make it easier to comprehend and perceive your story. It allows you to dedicate a single page to this type of information and put your story front and center, eliminating distractions on the way to the core.
  • It solidifies your brand image: Every business has a unique identity, and there is no better place on your website to expose your brand than the About page. It enables you to delicately uncover your best sides, affirming your brand’s positive image. By providing a clear and compelling presentation of your brand, you can build trust and confidence with potential customers.
  • It attracts not only customers but also investors: A solid company profile is the first thing investors search for. By showcasing all your achievements and strengths gathered on the About page, you double the chances to impress stakeholders and make a good impression.
  • It fosters a competitive advantage: No other company is running a business like yours for the same reasons that you are. Your About page is an excellent place to highlight your unique selling points and distinguish yourself from your competitors. By emphasizing your competitive advantages, you can stand out in a crowded market and attract more customers.

The Elements of a Great About Us Page

To create an effective About Us page that can help you build credibility and trust with your audience, it’s important to know what essentials to incorporate. These include clear structural building blocks and optimized content that can make your page stand out and convert visitors into loyal customers when implemented properly.


#Catchy Headline

To help users understand what page they’re on, it’s important to use a headline. You can use a standard About Us heading or choose from other options like Our Story or Who We Are, depending on the tone and mood you want to convey.

#Informative Company Profile

The company profile is one of the most vital elements that requires careful consideration. It’s a professional summary of your business and serves as an introduction to your company. Its primary purpose is to make people aware of your company, its history, activities, products and services, and mission.

#Unique Selling Point

To differentiate your business from competitors, you need to highlight your unique selling point on your About page. This boosts clarity so that users know what to expect from you and can immediately decide whether you can fulfill their needs.

#Team Description

Showcasing your team is a great way to build credibility with your audience. Add staff profiles, headshots, or social media links to let visitors know they are real people behind the business.

#Fascinating Visuals

Visual content is an excellent storytelling medium that can help improve readability, sustain interest throughout the story, or simply entertain viewers.

#Success Indicators

Displaying success indicators can build social proof and convince visitors to trust your business without questioning your professional esteem. This data adds more value to your brand and entices people to perceive your business positively.

Optimized Content


While the About Us page is not meant to act as a landing page, it can support the rest of your website by using relevant keywords that align with your brand.


Adapt the metadata in a way that allows search engines to understand more about your business and what you offer.

#Internal Links and CTAs

Having a clear plan for each web page is paramount. Provide CTAs and internal links to help visitors know what the next step is. Once they know everything they need to know about your business, the services you provide, and your team, they’ll be more likely to push that CTA button.

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How to Create a Winning About Us Page: A Comprehensive Guide

Once you understand the essential components of a good About Us page, it’s time to focus on the most crucial and complex element the company profile. This is the ultimate component of the About Us page and requires a thorough examination and careful attention to detail. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write an outstanding company profile.

Step #1: Identify the Purpose

The first step in writing an effective company profile is to identify its purpose. Before introducing your business to anyone, you need to know its purpose. Take some time to think about why your company exists and its purpose for your customers. Brainstorm and blend keywords into a coherent description that encapsulates the essence of your company.

Step #2: Tell Your Story

The next step is to tell your story. Describe how your company came into existence and its journey to where it is now. Mention significant company milestones and the date of establishment to provide visitors with a historical perspective.

Step #3: State What You Do

Clearly state what your business is and what you do, so customers can easily understand your significance. Use simple language to ensure newcomers can comprehend what your business does.

Step #4: Explain How You Do It

In addition to presenting your products or services, explain how they work and mention your working principles. This adds clarity and transparency, which enhances credibility and trust among your audience.

Step #5: Make Your Mission Clear

Now that your audience knows who you are and what you do, you need to explain why you exist as a business and what your objectives are. Create a clear and transparent mission that gives your audience a reason to rely on you.

Step #6: List Your Values

Determine your values so that users can clearly understand your position and analyze it. Avoid being generic and take time to define what matters to your business.

Step #7: Add a Prominent Call-to-Action

Conclude your company profile with a coherent call-to-action, such as “Visit our website to learn more” or “Contact us for more information.” This provides visitors with the next step to take on your website.

Step #8: Take a Professional Approach

It’s best to entrust the task of writing your company profile to a marketer who knows the intricacies of the process and can convey your company’s message clearly and completely.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can create a captivating company profile that will work in your favor. 

How to Write an About Us Page That Truly Connects

Writing a great About page profile is not an easy task. You need to focus on multiple things simultaneously and ensure that your page is a coherent presentation of your brand. To help you with that, we compiled a list of best practices:

Set the Right Tone and Mood

When creating an About Us page, it’s essential to maintain a consistent tone and mood throughout your story. For a professional website, the writing needs to find a balance between standard language and creativity. Once you know what you want to say, let the information flow as if you are telling a story to a friend. This approach will help you strike the ideal tone that matches your brand essence and appeals to your audience.

Put the Most Significant Data Above the Fold

With the amount of web data available, visitors tend to skim information instead of reading it from beginning to end. They usually search for key points, ignoring information presented below the fold. To grab their attention, place the most important information above the fold, making it immediately visible when arriving on the About Us page.

Explain the Ways You Help Your Customers

Avoid being self-centered on your About Us page. Instead, show your visitors that you understand their problems and needs, and explain how your business can help solve them. This approach will demonstrate that you value their involvement and build trust in your brand.

Humanize Your Business

Highlighting your team members on your About page adds a personal touch to your brand, helping you to gain the trust of the public. When you shine a light on the people behind your company, you humanize your brand, showing that it is not a faceless entity, but a real-life organism. This approach is the best way to kickstart strong relationships between your business and visitors.


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Feature Concrete Numbers

Specifics are better than bold claims on your About Us page. Use concrete numbers and statistics to quantify your success and impact as a business. This approach will help you communicate your message more effectively and raise credibility within your audience, eliminating any doubts.

Share What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

Transparency is a necessity in the online world. Consumers want to know the inside workings of a business, which helps build trust and credibility. Embrace this trend and show your external processes to the world. Something as simple as several photos of your product being manufactured or used by real people will satisfy curiosity and build trust.

Don’t Forget About Chronology

Although your company profile needs to be imaginative, don’t go for excessive creativity that will confuse your visitors. Ensure that your writing follows a chronological order from the past to the present, gradually unfolding the events. This approach guarantees transparency and improves the readability of the content you present.

Common About Us Page Blunders to Avoid 

Crafting a great About Us page requires more than knowing what to include and how to organize it. You also need to know what to avoid to ensure that your page is effective in advancing rapport and establishing a bond with users. Here are some things you should avoid when writing your About Us page:


Avoid hype on your About Us page. Its primary purpose is to establish credibility and trust with users, not to excite them with pompous facts. Furthermore, such an approach may undermine credibility, as few visitors believe in bold claims without seeing concrete actions.

#Sales Pitch

Avoid using your About page to sell. Visitors who come to your About Us page are interested in learning about your business, not in purchasing your products or services. Bombarding them with sales offerings can alienate them and deprive your page of its intended purpose.

#Excessive Content

Your About page should highlight only the essentials without overwhelming visitors with excessive information. Do not post an enormous history or a wide range of things on one page. Peripheral information can be presented elsewhere on your site, and you can provide links to it as needed.

#Perplexing Design

Your About Us page’s design should complement your content and enhance its effect on visitors. Bad design does the opposite by distracting users from the essentials. Avoid complex design decisions that impede user interaction and data perception.

Designing the Perfect About Us Page: Best Practices and Tips

So, what about the design? As for designing your About Us page, finding the perfect balance between content and visual appeal can be challenging. Here are some tips and tricks to create an impressive design that will complement your content and enhance user experience:

  • Keep the page free of clutter: Too many design elements can create a chaotic appearance, which may alienate users. Keeping a minimalist approach ensures a clean look for your page.
  • Employ visual hierarchy: To create a balanced look on your About Us page, use visual hierarchy to space out your content. This will help you bring clarity and put primary things to the forefront with the help of design.
  • Utilize proper typography: Choosing distinct fonts and appropriate sizes is essential to make your text easily readable.
  • Use simple language: Avoid technical jargon or complex language that not every user may understand. Use simple language to effectively convey your business image.
  • Include supporting images: Visuals can bring impressive effects when used in conjunction with appealing content. Use images, animations, videos, or a combination of these, but optimize them for better speed performance.
  • Apply consistent branding: Use your About Us page to display your branding attributes, including your logo and brand values. This helps to make your brand memorable and more recognizable.
  • Keep your design updated: Your About page should reflect your business’s current status. Keep it up to date with fresh ideas and the latest design solutions.
  • Make use of About Us page templates: Ready-made templates can be a smart solution for those who want to see impressive results in less time. There are thousands of templates available on the web that offer full customization and extensive pre-built functionalities that do not require any coding knowledge.
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Top 10 Best About Us Page Examples

Another valuable tip when building your About Us page is to look for inspiration. There are plenty of remarkable About Us page examples that are worth seeing. They can motivate and unleash your creativity, allowing for splendid ideas to come to your mind during the process. Here are the top 10 examples found on the internet:

01 Nike

The Nike About Us page is a great model for large-scale businesses that have much to show to the public. As you arrive at the page, you encounter a thrilling visual that captivates from the first seconds. It captures people for whom the company exists, bringing its mission to the storefront. 

The page consists of several content blocks, each supported by the visual. That practice makes the page well-structured that contributes to the smooth user experience. Another precious thing to adopt from Nike is the way it keeps the content light-weighted by providing external links for more detailed information. 


02 Slack

In just one statement, Slack draws visitors and gets them involved when on its About Us page. A powerful headline immediately explains the brand’s mission, while an informative sub-headline tells what the business is all about. 

Another remarkable feature is the success indicators list you find when scrolling down the page. Concrete numbers add to high credibility so that the brand position is instantly clear to the visitors. 


03 Sony

Another decent example of a great About Us page is that of Sony. It features a high-quality image that takes up all the screen real estate. By doing that, Sony intentionally exhibits its brand essence – namely providing electronics for creating high-quality audiovisual content. 

The content blocks of the page are short yet informative enough to uncover the corporation’s business cores. Such a moderate presentation positively impacts the user experience and contributes to higher readability. 


04 Pinterest

Although being extremely minimalistic, the Pinterest About Us page engages visitors with its unique feel. It features a full-screen high-quality image and a bright red-colored CTA. As you scroll down, you can see several links to follow if you want more information. Such an approach allows users to decide on their own what they want to see without having to go through all the content of the page. 


05 Adobe

Adobe’s About Us page gives off a lively vibe, which it’s critical for every business that takes a creative niche. It opens up with a prominent headline explaining the brand’s mission. The page consists of multiple content blocks that are divided structurally and visually. Such a vivid hierarchy allows for better comprehension of the information and makes the user experience more consistent. 


06 Netflix

The power of the Netflix About Us page is in its design. It employs contrastive colors and typography, which glues to the screen from the very first seconds. Netflix also does it best when showing the people behind the corporation. The page features the photos of team members with a short description of each. Thus, visitors feel closer to the brand, knowing that there are real people behind the scenes of such a powerful content-making machine. 


07 Forbes

Forbes About Us page has everything an excellent About page should encompass. It opens up with a background image capturing people the brand speaks about and a vivid headline above it. It also features the success indicators with real numbers and an award list beneath. Together with a distinct team description, all these features contribute to solid credibility and trust among the visitors. 


08 Johnson & Johnson

Right from its About Us page, Johnson & Johnson illustrates how it solves its customers’ problems. And such a customer-centered approach is the best way to appeal. Users can go through the company values that are gathered in one place named “Our Credo.”

Also, the page features a complete story of a company that lasts for 130 years for now. The story is well-written and chronologically structured so that visitors feel at ease reading it. 


09 Nestlé

A simple yet fascinating Nestlé About Us page is a good example for a company that wants to build warm relationships with its potential customers. It features an impressive visual that captures people’s emotions, which immediately evokes sympathy with the brand and raises emotional resonance. The content is easy to read due to the visual hierarchy – each new content block is highlighted with a prominent heading statement. 


10 The Walt Disney Company

When you arrive at The Walt Disney Company About Us page, you’re impressed by two things – bright colors and fancy visuals. That combination makes the page highly engaging and interactive so that you want to explore more, revealing its history, values, mission, and things behind the scenes. It is also excellent at presenting the team members and structuring the content.


On a Final Note

When creating an About Us page, it’s important to keep in mind that the page should be customer-oriented rather than self-centered. Pretension and vanity can alienate visitors, as they don’t feel any value in participating in your story as your customers.

However, a well-written About Us page can bring numerous benefits. Besides engaging new customers, it can solidify your business position and strengthen your competitive advantage. Ultimately, it is the best way to make a statement and produce a favorable impression in the digital world.

If you’re still unsure about how to write an excellent About Us page, you can seek help from professionals. Ester Digital provides insights and tutorials to help you master the concept easily. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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