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Well sometimes it is quite complicated to explain simplicity!

We let our work speak for itself.


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Scandinavians are famous for their minimalist and clear design approach. But what would you get if you applied those principles to the content management system? The answer is Sanity, a headless CMS with an open-source nature built in React. Created in 2015 in Oslo, it is the only platform that treats content as data. Add Nordic character to your business with the Sanity CMS and the Ester Digital team.


When Nike, the world’s leading sportswear brand, decided to develop multi-touch apps for their stores, they turned to Contentful CMS to get an opportunity to effectively manage images, video, and text for the app. We are not surprised with such a choice, because Contentful is a reliable, feature-rich, API-driven headless CMS with plenty of development possibilities. Contact Ester Digital to turn Contentful features into your business possibilities.


“We are headless but we have brains”. This is a slogan of Mura, an open-source CMS with plenty of features that marketers and IT professionals will fully appreciate. This headless content management system supports CaaS, as well as the most popular JavaScript frameworks. And what is more, it can be deployed as a decoupled CMS. Impressed? We at Ester Digital will be happy to manage Mura CMS integration and configuration for you.

Craft CMS

What are the most vital features of the perfect CMS? We believe it’s their user-friendly interface and fully customizable backend. Both of those apply to Craft CMS, together with drag-and-drop layout management and a built-in image editor. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to build a corporate website or an online store, you can turn to Craft to achieve impressive results. Ester Digital team will be happy to help.


What do IBM, Toyota, and Walmart have in common? They all use Strapi, a 100% Javascript headless CMS, within their digital appearance. Being open-source, Strapi is available on GitHub and has a powerful community of hundreds of contributors worldwide. Flexible and easily customized, Strapi headless CMS provides its users with an opportunity to build first-class omnichannel digital experiences in hours. Is it what you need for your business? Contact Ester Digital to manage Strapi CMS configuration for your company.


In case you want to create a new digital experience for your clients and its responsiveness is obligatory for you, then Episerver CMS is what you need. Being a powerful content management system for ecommerce and marketing, it is a perfect solution to build customer-first marketing strategies, manage the store’s catalog in a few clicks, and easily try out any marketing goal. Feel free to contact the Ester Digital team to integrate Episerver into your business model.


Customers’ engagement is a prerequisite for your company’s success. But how can we increase it? And what if you are also looking for opportunities to boost your team productivity and reduce time to market for content updates? Sitefinity content management system gets all of this done. Deliver the right content at the right time to the right audience together with Sitefinity. And we are here to make it work seamlessly at every touchpoint with your clients.


Bloomreach is a commerce-focused platform, powering the quarter of all US and UK ecommerce markets. And the number of the company’s clients is growing daily. Being an effective headless commerce tool, it has everything you need to increase conversions, optimize add-to-cart rate, maximize order size, and reduce abandonment. Move your ecommerce business to the next level with Bloomreach system and the Ester Digital team, working to streamline the integration and configuration process for you.


Created in 2013, Prismic positions itself as a CMS for the whole team: content managers, project managers, designers, and developers. And it is so. The CMS provides its users with an opportunity to easily create, edit, and publish pages no matter what technical background the team has. With a strong visual editor, multi-language support, and native integrations with the world’s most popular ecommerce systems (Shopify and Magento), is a robust tool for your business. Contact Ester Digital to make your experience with Prismic even better.

WordPress Headless CMS

WordPress is believed to be the world’s number one CMS. To stay in the same position, the company tries to make its best to meet the needs of the modern market. WordPress comes with a REST API, which makes it possible to turn the traditional CMS into a headless one. When working with WordPress as a headless CMS, the Ester Digital development team uses the Gatsby framework. We have vast experience in taming this new approach. And we are ready to provide our clients with something more than just “classic” WordPress usage.

Well sometimes it is quite complicated to explain simplicity!

We let our work speak for itself.


How we work:

The newest technologies are always interesting, alluring, and sometimes dangerous. Together with a desire to follow the most innovative approach, there is always a fear that the traditional one works better and any update is going to bring irreparable damage. The Ester Digital team is here to ensure that this will never happen to you and modern technologies will only help your business flourish.

Business Analysis

We start every project with a deep understanding of the client’s business, its requirements, and market characteristics. We believe that it is an essential step to deliver the most suitable development solution that would help our client increase their revenue and win the market.

Development Plan

Once we agreed on the technical requirements and the headless CMS that is the most suitable for your project, we create a detailed development plan so that you are always aware of the stage and the process itself.

Quality Tests

Our goal is to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect with our clients. That’s why we pay special attention to our reputation. All the projects we carry out go through comprehensive testing to ensure that there are no quality issues and everything works flawlessly.

Further Cooperation

Even when the project is finished, we are always online to provide our clients with top-level support. We are happy to be part of our partners’ business success, and we do our best to make it happen.

Tour Partner Group

Communicating clearly from the start, Ester Digital’s expert team inspired confidence throughout the project. Their can-do attitude made them a valuable partner. Responsiveness and the ability to turn constructive feedback into high-quality, on-time deliverables were hallmarks of their work.

Vera Lett, Group Marketing

Tour Partner Group


Ester Digital created 30–40 UI screens for a music-sharing mobile application within three weeks. The screens arrived on time and met internal standards of quality and professionalism. Ester Digital delivered top-notch work and ran a seamless collaboration throughout the project.

Ryan O'Leary, Co-Founder



WaveOC is a software development company working on Salesforce domain provision implementation from scratch or existing code enhancement services. Ester Digital was involved in designing and developing the third version of the client’s website, especially working on UX and UI implementation and content development as well. The project was completed on time and on budget.

Sergey Zenko, VP, Business Development & Sales


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We want to shine brighter than all the others hence our team of twenty-six people are led by industry top talents as noted by TopTal and Awwwards

Arthur Sidorenko

CTO & Development Partner

Roman Likhovich

CTO & Development Partner

Denis Dryk

Sr. Front-end Developer & Team Lead

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