Jaktar, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital

Jaktar is a team of like-minded people who create unique motorboats. Their outstanding design is in perfect harmony with the Scandinavian nature. The new website that we designed and developed for Jaktar highlights the beauty and uniqueness of the boats.

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Jaktar, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital

With a focus on premium materials and a cosy interior, manufactured in Finland Jaktar boats incorporate a new way to spend time with those you love.

The Client contacted us in early 2021 to design and develop new branding and with a one-pager focused on new design features of the J-30 and 40 series planned to be in production in the coming year.

With a clear vision of what features to highlight and ready-for-production boat designs, the Client wanted Ester to participate in creating a clear landscape of their corporate identity based on the ready 3D renders. Inspired by the minimalist Nordic design, the task was to create a logo that could be easily recognisable on hulls, for- and backstays as well as on a number of promotional materials. The client was extremely focused on simple yet distinct fonts and colours and was super specific regarding mixing them together as the real exterior boat must be in line with the sailing in coastal waters.

Jaktar, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital

Together with the Swedish agency busy with the promotional brand strategy and social media dash press coverage, we came up with a new logo that illustrates the concept of the ‘Engineered for Exploration’ idea that can be translated into a variety of forms and colours.

A new desaturated colour palette matches the natural environment the boat is made for, with a flash of orange inspired by life vests and buoys.

The website led by the brand identity, concepts and mood boards was made using a large number of digital artefacts utilised in a process of ideation. With the focus on combining efficient UX and delightful visual design with Jaktar’s brand identity, we ended up with lines and curves that follow the boat shape that reinforce the company’s visual identity. Smooth on-scroll animation helps to convey the atmosphere of the sea and the movement of waves.

Jaktar, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital
Jaktar, Designed and Developed by Ester Digital

A minimalistic layout structure supported by the number of micro animations and video content helps to highlight the exclusive approach in boat design and production, while the dark-themed colour scheme makes the website look authentic and modern.

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