How to Build Stunning Under Construction and Coming Soon Page

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Whether you launch a new website or prepare to release a new trendy design for an existing one, you want users to experience it at its best from the very beginning. We all know – the first impression matters a lot. And within the digital world, it is one of the most influential factors of user retention.

However, the process of web design can be painful sometimes. It takes a lot of time to construct and develop or refresh the platform to be both appealing and functionally enhanced. Even after its launch, it still may need some considerable changes and various inputs. But what if you don’t want to lose precious time and start building your first impression without having an actual website in place? Is it even possible?

Luckily, it is. An excellent under construction page is the best way to kickstart your online performance and appeal to users before your real website goes live. It is a powerful assistant to have either when creating the website from scratch or redesigning your existing digital platform. Why? Read the article of our UI UX design studio, and you’ll find even more than an answer to the question.

What is under construction and coming soon page

Imagine you want to update your e-commerce website, complementing it with some top-notch items. Telling your customers that they can’t make purchases until your brand-new design is ready is not the best decision. Most buyers probably will go to another e-commerce platform, not caring much about the innovation you intend to release. And if you decide to redesign without temporarily closing the website, you may run even in more trouble. Your customers will be exposed to numerous drawbacks during the purchase process so that they will surely forget about your mediocre service. What is more, it will result in poor SEO performance as weak usability will only urge search engines to deprive your platform of adequate ranking.

The under construction page is exactly what you need here. The ultimate goal of this page is to inform visitors that your website is temporarily unavailable and offer an alternate experience. Although being a virtual “closed” sign, it doesn’t alienate users. Vice versa – it keeps them involved. And if packed with some additional value, it can leverage your performance to the extent you don’t even expect. 

Consider offering discounts or coupons for users who are ready to wait, showing your appreciation of their time and patience. Don’t forget to exhibit fascinating content and intensify their engagement with an impressive design. As a result, you will not only get buyers but loyal customers who will continue to buy from you (even after their coupons expire).

As for the coming soon page, you need it when you intend to announce a new product. A perfectly designed one acts as an incentive for the visitors to stick around your platform, waiting for the star to sparkle. Not only it generates leads, but it also allows you to get attention to the product before it even comes into existence. The main difference between these pages is the purpose of employing them. Generally, they function pretty much the same way.

When do you put a website under construction

Under construction and coming soon pages are powerful if they are necessary. Some employ them for no reason and then struggle with a big gap in user experience, not knowing how to eliminate it. To avoid such a mistake, you need to know when to employ a website under construction page. Usually, there are two principal reasons for that:

  • You’re doing some website maintenance

It’s natural your platform needs some regular maintenance – be it a general checkup on the site’s performance or simply a bug removal. When maintaining a functioning platform without temporarily closing it, you may unintentionally expose your customers to numerous obstacles and inconsistencies. But an under construction page helps you to avoid that. It delicately covers the changes in functionality, not allowing the construction process to ruin your users’ experience.

  • You want to redesign your platform

Since there is always room for improvement, you might want to refresh your platform. Here, an under construction page acts as a window from where the visitors can take a glimpse of what you will eventually offer to them. It encourages excitement and urges users to keep an eye on the platform until it goes live.

Also, it’s a chance for you to receive constructive feedback and test your brand’s message before making the final decision. In other words, it gives you an opportunity to carefully think out your future website, implementing the best version of it.

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Under construction page goals

To make your under construction page even more effective, you need to know its goals. Understanding them will provide you with a clear direction to move, ensuring only positive outcomes:

  • Generate leads

Pre-launch and under construction pages usually include an email subscription form. It allows visitors to receive newsletters with relevant information about the state of a website and launch date. Thus, you collect contact information and connect with the users, establishing a solid base for future relationships. In other words, with an effective maintenance page, you can generate leads without even having an actual website in place.

  • Hide construction process

Another crucial goal of a pre-launch page is that of aesthetics. Websites under construction might produce numerous functional and design troubles that may damage your previous performance. And you need a beautiful construction page to prevent that. It hides all the work being done, making the communication run smoothly. Ultimately, a legit under construction page works better than the “half-cooked” design and suggests a holistic and pleasant experience instead of a fractured one.

  • Maintain SEO

When launching a brand new website, you don’t have to worry about your search engine ranking decreasing. But for the website that was once online, going offline for an extended period of time can impact its SEO. And if you want to get a positive SEO reputation, you need an optimized under construction page. It shows that your website is still around, and you want to get indexed. Keywords in your copy allow search engines to crawl your content easily – while optimized images contribute to better speed performance. Here it’s crucial to make the page mobile-friendly, as it’s one of the most paramount ranking factors. Thus, you will be able to uphold your SEO performance regardless of the changes. 

  • Uphold reputation

It’s clear that no one enjoys dealing with tons of missing elements and poor service. When facing many inconsistencies, users tend to skip a confusing website and not wait for its best times. Your reputation gets spoiled, and believe us – it’s hard to recover it. However, you can manage it by creating a perfect under construction page that will assist your users whenever you’re offline. It shows your caring attitude towards your audience, making them more loyal to your business. 

  • Encourage cross-promotion

As a rule, pre-launch pages incorporate links to various social media accounts. It is an excellent alternative to suggest to the users while your primary representative is temporarily unavailable. Since news on social media spreads like fire, it’s also a perfect way to raise awareness and let more people know about a forthcoming website. Such a cross-promotion policy allows you to expand your influence and obtain additional robust channels of distribution. 

  • Leverage marketing

A well-designed coming soon page acts as a superb marketing tool. Here you can easily present your new product and promote it. For instance, you can suggest customers pre-access to it. Such a privilege will be an incentive to wait until the product launch, boosting anticipation. And if used in conjunction with a proficient marketing campaign, it can significantly leverage your business performance.

  • Bridge the gap between the change and the users

When a business grows in complexity, switches over different markets, or needs a complete rebrand – these changes should be clear and understandable for the audience. For instance, if you need to make a considerable shift from being a simple service provider to a digital influencer, announcing and making a statement is paramount. And an under construction page helps you to easily reflect that kind of modification without seeming inconsistent.

What to include in your under construction page

Once you know the goals, it will be easier for you to determine a proper design strategy for your own under construction page. Since there is not much space for excessive creativity, it’s better to follow the standards. In other words, each coming soon page should include a text message for the visitors and a powerful visual element. These are compulsory design elements, and without having them in place, your under construction page wouldn’t be as robust and appealing.

#1 The text message

The priority is to communicate that your website is temporarily inactive. Here, focus on the word “temporarily” because some may assume the website is closed for good, and there is no sense returning to it later. Try to escape cliche phrases like “the website is under construction”. Be sure to clearly state the reason for closing the platform with an apology and a thank you. Such messaging exhibits your professional competence and shows you value your customer’s involvement. 

The message shouldn’t be either too long or too short. Generate 3-4 sentences and provide only relevant information here. At the very least, make sure your message is appropriate to the situation. To create an excellent page, let’s delve deeper and consider examples of coming soon and under construction texts, you may employ: 

  • Business neutral

“We’re working hard to make the website available for you again, and looking forward to presenting you with a set of our new products on the 17th of May. Until then, we will be glad to see you on our Facebook page and will be grateful for sharing the news with others.”

  •  Cheerful

“Sorry for the dust! Our brand new website is ready to impress you on the 17th of May. We know it’s hard to sit tight and wait, but we are grateful for your patience. Since we cherish your involvement, we want to offer a bonus for the first 20 visitors to contact us! Subscribe and get a free coupon for our new collection.”

  • Teaser

“We have some exciting news for you, but shhh, don’t tell anyone! Our new album will be available on May 17th, the same date our new website goes live! Check out a sample of our new track on Spotify via the link above. Stay tuned not to miss another surprise we’ve prepared for you!”

  • Informative

“It’s almost here! We’ve been working hard to announce that from May 17th, you will be able to get an improved version of our app! Now it allows online payments so that you can get access to superior functions, including a vast gallery of original effects! Another beneficial feature is an offline mode that allows you to use the app at any time and place! Do you have more suggestions? Contact us on LinkedIn.”

  • Personal

“Hello, I’m Sally! I’ve mastered the degree of interpreting fiction this year which has given me the opportunity to assist young writers, and I can’t wait to get started! 

I open my online creative writing course on the 17th of May. It will include three parts where you will have an opportunity to get valuable insights into the writing principles and techniques and test your creative muscle in practice. I will support you with daily feedback and promise to do my best to get your talents out of the shelf! 

If you’re still unsure, you can follow the link below and view my works. Do you have more questions? Contact me at, and I’ll get back to you soon as I have officially started.”

The choice of the style heavily depends on the essence of your business and the level of relationships you’re having with your customers. For instance, if you have a personal blog, the first-person narration is the best option to produce a direct appeal. On the contrary, that style won’t fit a corporate website under construction page that has a more business-like essence. Here, it’s better to adhere to straightforward language, avoiding any implicit meanings. All in all, remember your message should be meaningful, reasonable, and pertinent to the situation.

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#2 Brand-related visual

Next, you need to frame your message with a proper brand-related visual. It will eliminate confusion about the state of your platform, ensuring the visitors come to the right place. The secret is to apply the same appearance to your coming soon page as you’ve had for your website. 

Incorporate all of the important branding elements, including your logo, an eye-catching color scheme, the tone and voice within the content, and typography. Thus, it will define you and highlight your brand identity, leveraging your brand awareness. Most importantly, be consistent, as consistency contributes to the holistic perception of your business. 

As you see, it doesn’t cost a lot of extra time or effort to implement – but the outcomes might be significant. A well-branded under construction page will put your site a step higher than that of your opponents. Thus, it will cultivate a solid competitive advantage even before your platform actually enters the competition. 

Tips for designing a great under construction page

Now when you have a powerful message and brand-related visual in place, you can play around with the design. Consider employing some other not less significant points that will bring the user experience to a more prolific level:

  • Provide a subscription form

Since the primary goal of an under construction page is to generate leads, you need a subscription form to make that happen. Allowing visitors to subscribe to the newsletters to notify them about the launch can be a perfect way to promote the website. Without notification, users may forget about it and skip the idea of returning to you. 

There is no strict rule on the regularity of notifications. Some prefer sending one notice on the launch date – some employ daily mail distribution. One thing should be said – you need to be compelling but not overwhelm the users with tons of emails.

As for the subscription form, you should make it visible and comprehensive. Transparent design forms are easier to fulfill, while confusing ones may urge users to stop half-way because of complexity. 

  • Add contact details

If the website is temporarily unavailable, it doesn’t mean the business is inoperative. Always provide your customers with several channels of communication despite your website. Place your number and tell your email address. Having these points helps to keep in touch with the customers when temporarily being offline.

  • Display a countdown timer

If you know the exact launch date, why not announce it to your loyal customers? Add a timer to your coming soon page. It makes the whole process transparent and increases anticipation with each hour down. You can do this by setting a countdown clock or choose from thousands of elegant modern timer templates available on the web. 

  • Formulate a benefit-driven headline

When visitors arrive at your page, they quickly scan the information and decide whether to leave or stay. Since most web users have short attention spans, you have little time to catch their attention. Hopefully, a powerful headline might help you with that. 

You need the headline to be short yet informative to provide only essential information. The key to keeping users involved is to formulate a benefit-driven headline, highlighting the strong sides of a future website. It boosts interests and urges users to save the link to come back and see the announced top-notch feature with their own eyes. 

  • Show progress

Users would like to see progress, as it eliminates many questions about the state of a website. Thus, including a progress bar is a good idea. It determines the completeness of a website in percentage, incentivizing users to check back regularly. 

However, if you plan a considerable construction process that might take months, there is no sense in it. Imagine users will be seeing from 0% til only a 10% progress bar for several days so that they would probably forget about you. This function is applicable in case you’re hours or days away from making your website public so it can dynamically depict the change.

  • Offer eye-catching imagery

An under-construction page should be aesthetically pleasing to be memorable. Thanks to the digital era we live in, the choice of imagery goes far beyond the simple background picture. Now, you can select from a vast range of available variants and give a more fresh appearance to a traditional web page. 

Nowadays, all modern browsers support 3D and animated backgrounds. These effects make your page more lively so that it will definitely grab the users’ attention. You may also consider adding the floating image or auto-changing background. It creates movement that captivates and contributes to the interactive and fun experience to have on your maintenance page. Also, you don’t have to worry about the functional side of things – almost all templates allow effortless integration without any coding knowledge. 

  • Give extra incentives

Don’t expect visitors to know what to do when they arrive at your under construction page. Direct them with prominent CTAs. Here, it’s paramount to remember that your CTAs should be visible and highlighted yet fit the overall design theme. To achieve that, you can use contrasting colors or typography or employ various design elements as buttons.

Besides the traditional subscription button, you may add links to your social media, offering extra experiences and making your page more versatile. You can significantly increase the number of social shares on your coming soon page by creating a giveaway. By sharing your page on Facebook, retweeting it on Twitter, or posting about it on Instagram, the news about a new website will come across all key platforms, leveraging the awareness. However, don’t overact and be moderate when calling for action – being too persuasive might cost you a considerable number of customers.

  • Build intrigue

When creating a coming soon page, you don’t necessarily have to put all your cards on the table. Detailed information you give out beforehand can kill anticipation. At the same time, being too secretive about your future website evokes confusion and bewilderment. Therefore, you need to find a golden mean – disclose several features but remember to leave a trump card to impress users when your website is ready.

Think of your coming soon page like a movie trailer. You probably don’t want to give away the whole plot. Instead, give the public hints of what your product will look like and invite them to participate in the process of revealing the secret on a launch day. When moderately keeping the users in suspense, you have better chances to produce a memorable impression that would last long. 

  • Make the page mobile-friendly

Since more than half of the overall web traffic comes from mobiles, it’s paramount to think “mobile-first” when designing an under construction page. Not only it makes it easier for the users to reach your content when on mobiles, but it also promotes user-friendliness. Thus, you won’t leave behind any of your customers because of incompatibility with the device used. Here, you need to optimize all of the content you have and ensure this looks and functions the same well on both laptop and mobile. 

Things to avoid when crafting an under construction page

Despite knowing the main components of an under construction page, you also need to consider a few traps you may fall into. This preliminary step will keep you from failure, allowing you to craft a high-quality page:

  • Overpromising

If you tell users what to expect, make sure you will present it. Think twice before promising. If you immediately make a mistake, how can users trust you in the future? Being honest with your audience is the key to successful performance. 

  • Creating vague content

Users don’t like to be misled or confused. And you don’t want to irritate your potential supporters. When presenting obscure information and hiding the truth beneath the vague content, you alienate the public. Make sure you clearly say what kind of website it will be and explain its purpose in general. 

  • Not launching on time

You already know the importance of a countdown timer, but there is one more thing to consider – make sure to launch a website as it was announced. If not – you will turn into an unreliable service provider that users don’t want to deal with. 

  • Not promoting on social media

In the beginning, email subscriptions and social media are more or less the only channels of promotion you have. Use it cleverly, and don’t forget to update it regularly to avoid falling behind more active competitors.

  • Not collecting emails

Without connecting with the audience, you have little chances to appeal. A simple email will help you to start relationships with the users, turning them into regular visitors or even customers. 

  • Having an under construction page for only a few days

Since there are many positive things about an under construction page, you want one online for more than a few days. Take advantage of the subscription form, attracting new visitors, or build powerful anticipation with a few-week countdown timer. Otherwise, what’s the reason then? 

  • Boosting inconsistency

Your coming soon page should provide a holistic experience for the users to be successful. When it is messy, it can’t perform its functions properly, turning off visitors. You need to keep it consistent and clean. To make that happen, you may use templates that there are plenty of. They have pre-built structured design components so that you won’t miss anything. 

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Top 10 great examples of coming soon and under construction templates

If you want to build a nice under construction and coming soon page, it’s useful to look for inspiration. That will provide you with a clear vision and a model to build upon. Here, we’ve gathered the top 10 best templates we recommend:

1. Waye

As chic as it comes, the Waye template grabs the visitors’ attention immediately. The animated frame around auto-changing background images creates a memorable experience that turns into a reason to return to the website later. Its stylish and clean design looks dynamic and lively. Also, it allows for downloading your logo at the right corner at the top, which will make your brand even more distinguishable and recognizable.

Besides a nice visual, the Waye template has perfect functionality. It shows the days until the launch, boosting anticipation. The page employs a bright red-colored sidebar menu which makes the page highly navigational.


2. Enva

Another example of an excellent coming soon page is Enva. The template encompasses all the essential features, delicately placing them in a sidebar menu. It includes a contact form and an About page that discloses the business essence. Such a structure helps you to avoid any clutter and makes the page look clean and professional.

It has a highly responsive design and hence functions well on any device. Enva template also features a prominent subscription form, which makes it easier to connect with the audience. Although employing a minimalist color palette, the page looks engaging and elegant. And soft bright typography only adds to its delicate look. 


3. Saphir

Saphir has everything you may need when putting your website under construction and even more. It’s a clean, modern, and light web page with a fantastic visual. It features a captivating video urging visitors to glue to their screens, watching how the story unfolds. It’s a great decision as it provides the users with an exceptional and enjoyable experience. Although it employs only high-quality video and images, the page loads fast on any device because it is fully optimized. 

The bright headline and vivid subscription form will make your page successful at generating customers. Along with that, there is a convenient sidebar menu which makes the page easy to navigate. All in all, its advanced functionality will help you to create an excellent under construction page, and you will definitely like how Saphir maintains your customers when you’re offline.


4. Blex

The Blex creative template’s modern and fresh look appeals from the first seconds. Even if you don’t like background images, you can easily alter them. This template allows full customization, including typography and its color. You don’t need any special coding knowledge to accomplish that. It means that you can effortlessly land it according to your needs and enjoy your well-structured and clean under construction page. The page has a comprehensive contact form, ensuring that every visitor can get in touch with you. However, no one would subscribe to a website that loads slow. Fortunately, developers had that in mind when creating Blex. It is fully responsive and optimized so that multiple interactive and animated design elements won’t impede your performance. 


5. Coming2live

One look at the stylish Coming2live template will let visitors know that great things are coming. The background image is simple yet impressive, which makes the page look clean. Perfectly fitting a black color palette, contrasting white typography contributes to high readability. 

The page features all the necessary elements, including contact details, a headline, a countdown timer, short information about the business below, and prominent social media icons. The template is highly responsive so that it won’t lose its elegant look when on mobile. 


6. Everest

Being an ultra-responsive coming soon template, Everest has a large variety of useful features. The template has a brilliant appearance and comes with 11 ready-to-use skins to choose from. Its perfectly chosen color palette will give your page a fresh look and easily attract visitors. The template includes an animated sidebar menu that allows users to find what they need quickly and easily. 

What we liked the most about this template is that it has a gallery option. Thus, you will be able to share some nice pictures right on your under construction page and impress users with authentic content. If you worry about the functionality, Everest comes with an excellent 24/7 support service so that you won’t lose control over the design process. 


7. Stomp

The Stomp template is highly appealing due to its vivid yet uncomplicated color palette. Despite a minimal set of design components, a page looks stunning and engaging. It has two contrastive CTAs that spark interest and urge visitors to linger on the page.

It’s a multi-image template with one side featuring a compelling brand message, while the other consisting of a custom image. The Stomp template is flexible and clean in design and structure, which means you can make various inputs without risking damaging the visual balance. 


8. Co.

Co. template is extremely simple yet attractive. It has a fancy countdown timer in the form of four circles that will give your potential clients precise information about your website launch. Apart from that, the page has a prominent email subscription form and vivid social media buttons. It allows you to keep in contact with your customers and invite them to receive relevant information. Although being minimalist in terms of design, the template offers all the necessary for building an amazing under construction page.


9. Coming soon 12

Coming soon 12 is another minimal modern template from Colorlib. It employs a vertical split-screen design that helps you to manage the content of your coming soon page effortlessly. On the left side, you add your brand message and provide social media profile links, and most importantly, place a subscription form. The form is very simple as it requires only an email address, so users don’t have to waste time filling out countless fields. 


10. Finely

The innovative design of the Finely template will make your coming soon page look trendy and clean. It employs a simple layout, which makes it easy to comprehend. Depending on your preferences, you can use any other image slideshow or even download a youtube video in the background. Being highly customizable, the template includes multiple fonts and styles to choose from.


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How to build an under construction page using coming soon and maintenance mode plugin

In a nutshell, the under construction page is a WordPress plugin that lets you take your website offline while you are still working on it. Since it uses drag and drop builder as the primary way of customization, it doesn’t require programming or coding knowledge. All that you need is to follow the step-by-step instruction: 

Step #1 Install and activate the coming soon page and maintenance mode plugin

You can find it in your WordPress account in the option “Plugins”. Here, press “Add new” and wait until a page with a search bar opens. When you downloaded it, use the search function to locate the plugin, and click on the “Install Now” button, then on “Activate”. If you purchased the premium version, you need to use the “Upload Plugin” feature and upload it as a .zip file you received after purchase. 

Step #2 Configure the coming soon page and maintenance mode plugin

Now that you activated the plugin, you need to go to the “Settings” section of your dashboard. Here, click “Pages” in the left-hand navigation. Select between coming soon mode and maintenance mode. The first one hides your site from the public when you continue to develop it behind the scenes, while maintenance mode lets you create a page handy to have in case you need to take your site completely offline. Choose the option that suits your needs best. 

Step #3 Customize your under construction page

Finally, upload a visual, enter a headline, and write an accompanying message. The coming soon and maintenance mode plugin features vast functionality that enables you to change your page’s visual appearance and layout. To access options, click on the plugin’s design tab on your dashboard. You can choose an eye-catching background image and make it responsive so that it automatically scales to any screen size. You can also change the size of the typography or specify the color palette. 


The coming soon page and maintenance mode plugin involves few packages when it comes to pricing. While the free version includes responsive design and various customization features, there are also some extra functionalities available with premium payment plans.

The first basic plan costs $25 per year and allows using the plugin for only one site. It also involves an incentive-driven signup form, a progress bar, social media buttons, and integrated support for Google Analytics. The second Pro plan allows for two more sites to use the plugin, making three in total for $69. And the third one is the Agency plan that will cost you $250. It includes access to the plugin on 100 clients of personal sites at once, priority support, numerous templates, and extra drag and drop modules.

How long can a website stay under construction

When considering a time period for keeping your website under construction, you need to remember that this is primarily a business decision. If your website aims at gaining new customers, it’s better to announce it earlier than a week. That is an optimal period for building enough anticipation without subjecting the newcomers to a painful expectation.

If your website already has a customer base, you can stretch the time up to two weeks. During this time, you’ll probably be busy answering questions from customers and connecting with them on other channels. 

If you can’t wait, you may introduce a minimal version of your website that consists of the most important pages. But before, it’s crucial to ensure that they’re completely ready to be presented to the users and won’t impede your performance. Most importantly, stick to the deadline you’ve set on your coming soon page. Keeping your promises builds trust and evokes credibility. Thus, you show that you’re organized, reliable, have a schedule, and stick to it.

What happens to your SEO while your website is offline

If your site is brand new, it takes a while for Google to index it. That means that you haven’t built up any SEO performance yet, so you don’t have any to lose. But when under construction, the existing website might become invisible in search results. Every time a search engine comes across your website and sees that your website is offline, it confirms to Google that it shouldn’t send visitors there. To avoid that you need an under construction page. In addition to exciting the users, a well-crafted under construction page is able to minimize the negative effects, sustaining your SEO reputation. 

To make your temporarily inactive website relevant for search engines, you need to include keywords in your coming soon page, allowing the crawlers to know you’re still around. Also, it’s critical to optimize all the visual elements you have and make your coming soon page responsive. These practices will prove your website merits a positive organic search even if it is temporarily unavailable. 

On a final note

When putting your website under construction, you can’t ignore your customers simply closing it. If you want to save your progress, you need to replace their previous experience with another one. And an excellent under construction page might help you to accomplish this task. 

However, it takes time to build it. During the process, you need to focus on multiple things simultaneously and ensure it fits the standards and performs its function properly. You should formulate a compelling message and design a brand-related visual. These play a significant role in retaining customers’ attention. Besides, it’s crucial to incentivize visitors to subscribe and receive news about the state of a website so that they won’t miss its launch. Once you generate interest, don’t forget to uphold it by providing valuable content on your social media. Such a versatile approach guarantees you a solid position within the online environment whenever you’re offline. 

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