Contact Us Page Design: Top Tips and Best Examples

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The goal of any website is to provoke the interest of the target audience in the service or product provided. And when customers have already made up their mind about making a purchase or in case of some issues or problems, they may want to contact the company. That’s why in order not to lose them, all the companies need to create an efficient contact us page.

The contact us page is often underestimated, and as a result, its content and design are not given due attention. Meanwhile, this is the point of direct interaction between customers and the company. That’s what makes it so crucial. And in this article, our UI UX development company would like to study the essence of the contact us page along with the brightest examples of its design.

What is a contact us page

In most cases, the contact us page of the website is the end of the journey of users through the company resource. On this page, a regular website visitor turns into a potential customer. The purpose of this page is to help the users to communicate with the company or to give information on how to get to it.

The contact page is much more essential than most people think. Many websites provide users with just a couple of phone numbers and e-mails and that’s it. But as a rule, this is a page that is carefully explored by the customers before making the final decision on buying the company product. That’s why it’s extremely important to make sure that the contact page looks and works the best way possible.

Once the essence of the contact us page is revealed, let’s discover the way the contact us page should be presented on the website.

How should a contact page look

According to the statistics, 64% of users are eager to see the contact information of the company. Perhaps, having studied the page, the visitors will stop on the contact form or an e-mail. However, providing users with the only way of communication is a mistake since it may create a negative image of the brand.

Furthermore, you can’t help but agree that it’s much more pleasant to have a choice among several communication channels with the seller. Therefore, companies shouldn’t deprive their customers of the freedom of choosing the most suitable way of contacting them.

Accordingly, it’s high time to see what elements a proper contact page should incorporate.

Six main components of a contact page

  • Contact form

For many users, it’s more convenient to contact the company in writing. It will also be an advantage for the company itself as long as the contact form offloads the flow of e-mails and calls. Here we should mention that the contact form should not be too big or too complex. It’s advisable to make it quite short: name, e-mail, phone number, and a field for a statement of the problem.

  • Address

The contact us page should also contain the address of the company. Especially when it offers services or products that can’t be purchased virtually. In this case, the website serves as a shop window, and to get the things of their interest the customers have to come to the company office/store. Moreover, if there are many branches of the company, all of them should be presented here.

  • Telephone

In some situations, a phone call is the easiest and the fastest way to contact any company. Therefore, the phone number is the first and, probably, one of the most important things that should be shown on the contact page. It also adds some feeling of reliability as long as it proves that the company is real.

  • Social networks

On the contact page, companies should also provide users with links to their social media networks. It’s advisable to include them particularly if they are constantly updated – you regularly write posts, upload photos, and answer questions there.

  • E-mail

No one can predict what type of communication channel will be favorable for this or that user. Moreover, in some cases, there is a strong need for an e-mail address (for example, if a customer needs to attach some files or if there are some problems with the contact form).

  • Buttons

After filling a contact form, it’s more than logical to click on the button that corresponds to the function of sending it. It may be called “Send”, “Submit”, or other ways. But the main thing is to make it short, clear, and noticeable.

These elements should be included in the contact us page since they make the interaction pleasant, simple, and understandable. And that is what we want from it, don’t we?

The contact form is one of the elements to be included in the contact us page but what makes it so important? 

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Why do you need a contact form for your website

  • Reduce spam e-mails

With the contact form presented on the website, the customers don’t need to use the e-mail address of the company. As a result, the working e-mail will not be overloaded with spam and other e-mails that may be lost or disregarded.

  • Make yourself reachable

As we’ve already mentioned, the contact form is the point of direct interaction with customers. It means that with the help of a contact form, the company will never lose or miss out on its potential customers.

  • Invite professional opportunities

A properly designed contact form is a great tool not only for increasing sales and providing excellent service but also for recruiting and making various business contacts.

  • Build connections with your customers

An opportunity to directly and promptly contact the company is a thing that in the eyes of the users makes the company reliable, thus increasing customer loyalty. It also benefits the companies since such communication allows them to know the customers much better.

  • Capture leads

A simple and user-friendly contact form will ensure that the company will get more potential customers since there will be no need for them to manually write e-mails, thus wasting their time.

  • Keep track of inquiries

Another benefit for companies is the opportunity to track the inquiries submitted since the information on the time, subject, and customers will be structured and stored. Therefore, it will always be available.

  • Build your e-mail marketing list

With the information provided in the contact form, the process of sending marketing e-mails becomes more simple and efficient as long as the companies have enough data about the customers and their interests.

  • Offer support to customers

The contact form is of great help not only when it comes to making purchases but also when there are some questions or doubts from the side of the customers. That means that the customers will be able to get some help all the time.

  • Delegate tasks to your team

It’s also possible to make the contact form work as a delegator of tasks. That presupposes that the right notifications on diverse subjects may immediately be sent to the people responsible for them.

The list of benefits of a contact form can be continued. But we’ve provided you with the main points that have shown you how essential and advantageous it is.

For someone, the functions of a contact form and e-mail may seem similar, although they do have some differences. Let’s take a look at them.

What is the difference between a contact form and an e-mail address

The contact form is an easy and fast way to write to the company regarding various issues. Users do not need to go anywhere else since everything is happening right on the website. E-mail, in its turn, requires far more steps to contact the company.

The main difference between these two things is that sometimes the contact form is not enough for the customers when, for example, they want to send the company an image of a broken product to make a complaint or to ask for a refund. 

Once the most crucial elements of the contact us page are discovered, we need to find out where the links to this page should be located.

Contact us page location

According to the usability research, customers will first look for contacts in the right upper corner or at the very bottom of the page website. Therefore, the main options for placing a link to contacts are in the header or in the footer of the website. That’s why adding this information to various subsections or other places is considered to be a big mistake.

In our opinion, it’s advisable to place contact links in both the footer and header of the website since it will give more chances that the users will easily find the contact page. Consequently, they’ll promptly get the information or help required. And that is mutually beneficial for both the company and the customers.

There are also some points companies should take into account if they want to create a truly efficient contact page design (and we all want it to be like that, don’t we?). Let’s see what they are.

Things you need to consider in creating a contact us page

  • Limited number of required fields

Nobody wants to spend long hours filling in contact forms. Therefore, users should be able to complete the contact form immediately without the need to answer dozens of questions. The faster and simpler the process is, the more opportunities of helping the customer you have. That’s why companies should make sure that the customers will answer relevant questions only.

  • Keep it simple but consistent

The contact us design should not be neglected since this page is not the least important one. However, it should not be overloaded with graphics, animation, or extravagant fonts. Companies should remember that the main goal of the page is to provide the customers with convenient interaction with them. Therefore, the design should be rather minimalist but attractive and should correspond to the general website design.

  • Embed Google Maps

This element is essential for both offline and online companies as long as their location may be easily and quickly found by customers. Consequently, for physical shops, it’s a matter of customer convenience while for online businesses it’s more about customer credibility. 

  • Accessibility

We’ve already noted the best location of the contact page (in the footer and header of the website) but it is worth repeating once again. Do not make users waste their time looking for the contact information. Therefore, make it easily reachable.

  • Convenient information

Information convenience is rather important and it includes readability. That means that the information provided should not confuse or mislead users. For this purpose, it’s also advisable to replace images with short texts.

  • Guided user input

Providing the users with some options or tips will definitely be of much help since it will save the time of customers and make the information processing more efficient. In addition, it will show the customers that you take care of their convenience.

  • Adaptive design

There’s no secret that in most cases the websites are visited via mobile phones. That’s why companies need to make sure that the contact form has an adapted mobile version. That presupposes that the contact page may be adjusted to smaller sizes of the screen without any obstacles in filling in the contact form.

  • Enclosed privacy statement

The guarantee of keeping the details of customers in secret is really essential especially nowadays (when there are so many hacker attacks). But what’s more crucial is that this promise should always be kept. In this regard, companies should assure the customers that their personal information will be in safe hands.

  • Interactive phone numbers and e-mails

If the phone numbers or e-mails of the company are interactive, then the customers will not need to copy and paste them to dial or to write them down on a sheet of paper. And that makes the process of interaction rather handy as long as users just need to click on the links to contact the company.

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  • Well-written text

This page may include not only contact details of the company but a brief laconic text. The text may serve as a greeting or may tell about the options of cooperation or give a list of services that the company provides. The text might also incorporate various calls to action where the customers will see in what cases they should contact the company and what they will finally get from it.

  • FAQs links

In order to avoid dozens of repetitive questions or queries from the users, it will also be of much help to add the links to the FAQs section. Here they will be able to find answers to most of their questions. Consequently, it will save the time of both customers and the support team.

  • Incorporated SEO strategy

To help various search engines to notice the company, the contact page can be also used as a tool for boosting the search ranking. It may be achieved by adding some keywords and making the page itself well-structured. Moreover, the provision of correct phone numbers gives the companies another advantage in the eyes of the engines (let’s imagine that they have them, wink).

These elements are also highly advisable to be included in the contact us page to make it work to the greatest extent possible. But companies should not forget to check everything before launching the website. And here we mean not only testing the technical side (broken or dead links) but also proofreading the texts. Nobody wants to look silly, right?

Now, when the theoretical part of this aspect is over, it’s time to get down to the practical one. Let’s take a look at the templates for a beautiful contact form design.

Templates for contact form design that work

  • Standard contact form

The name of this type speaks for itself as long as the users are required to fill in basic fields only: name/company name, contact information, and a message that the user wants to convey to the company. Moreover, such type is suitable for both B2B and B2C businesses.

  • Minimalist contact form

This template reflects the easiest way for contacting the company as long as the only fields to be completed are the name and subject. Its small size allows companies to put it on several website pages. However, the only way of contacting might become a problem since it may be not suitable for every user.

  • Multistep contact form

The form represented above is mostly applicable when it comes to registration. In this case, users are provided with a multi-step registration process. It’s highly beneficial and convenient as long as the users are not obliged to fill in a huge questionnaire to sign-up.

  • Job application contact form

From time to time all the companies face the need in hiring new employees. This type of contact form allows the candidates to quickly and easily complete the job application form. It may be created in the form of questions and fields or as it’s shown on the picture (with a drop-down menu).

  • Sales lead contact form

To better understand the needs of potential customers and to improve the process of generating leads, companies should make such a type of contact form. Here users have to share not only their contact information but also some personal one (about their gender, as it’s shown in the template). Moreover, such forms may contain other questions (about their tastes and interests, for example).

  • Support contact form

The provision of users with a support contact form is a great plan so that in case of any issues or questions they’ll have an opportunity to quickly report on them. With the help of a drop-down menu, the process becomes organized since the query will promptly be delivered directly to the corresponding department.

  • Feedback contact form

An opportunity to get feedback from the customers is of great importance for any company that wants to grow and develop in terms of providing the best service ever. The field with some ideas for the corrections should not be disregarded as long as sometimes telling about the issue is simply not enough to fix it. 

  • Price quote contact form

The price for the services that the customers are interested in is one of the most crucial and determining factors in choosing the company. Sometimes there are some nuances in the service desired that the companies should take into account. And these features may influence the total price. That’s why the provision of a price quote contact form is strongly advisable.


Once we are aware of the types of contact forms that the companies may apply in different cases and for various reasons, it’s time to see great examples of contact forms.

Top 10 contact form examples

01 Basecamp

Everything here is super friendly. Basecamp provides its users with a contact form that contains rather informal questions with tips and explanations to them so that the users fully understand what they should do and why. They also specify the time of the answer to the query. The links to the tutorials and FAQs section are of much help as well. Moreover, the users have an opportunity to attach files which almost eliminates the need to use e-mail.


02 Ester Digital

A standard contact form provided by Ester Digital is created corresponding to the whole website design. The users (companies mostly) are provided with several fields to fill in which makes the process of interaction rather fast and simple. They also offer a clickable link to contact them via e-mail along with the physical addresses of their offices. The links to social networks located at the bottom of the page invite customers to follow and become a member of their “world of art”. It’s worth mentioning that the website is perfectly adaptive and lacks no functions while being used via the mobile phone.


03 Grammarly

The contact page of Grammarly offers its visitors a highly convenient way of interaction. Here, the users may pick the section of their interest according to the department responsible. After clicking on a certain button, the users appear on the page with the search bar (to find the answers there) and various links. The process of contacting is rather automated and makes the matter of contacting urgent only in case when the system itself cannot find the relevant answer or solution.


04 Infinum

Infinum created a contact page that serves several purposes. Here users can find a job application contact form (CTA Join us), a standard contact us form (CTA Hire us) with an opportunity to attach files, and an e-mail address for all other issues. The users just need to choose the one they are interested in and complete the form desired. They also placed the contact information of all their offices along with the physical addresses.


05 Let’s Travel Somewhere

The contact page of Let’s Travel Somewhere is made in the form of a postcard which reflects the main concept of the company (which is traveling, obviously). The page consists of charming and hilarious text with an interactive link (Write Nisa) following which users will see a minimalist contact form where they have to fill three fields only (name, e-mail, and a message). The links to various social networks can also be found here.


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06 Rescue Agency

The contacting page of Rescue Agency starts with a welcoming text in which the company explains what they are expecting from users to contact them about. Furthermore, we can see a lead-generating contact form since, among other standard questions, there are also those related to the jobs of users (job title and company name). Below the contact form, you can find the section with the physical addresses of the branch offices accompanied by the map where they are marked. 


07 Survicate

The first phrase that visitors bump into when they open the website of Survicate (“Let’s make something awesome together”) sounds warm and inspiring. Moreover, the informal language applied here makes users feel as if they are heading to contact their best friends. The contact form itself is rather short and simple. They also provide users with the physical address of their office and a bit below we can find links to their social networks.


08 Tune

It seems that the contact page of the Tune website has everything that needs to be included in it since the information provided there along with various CTAs, and a clear and understandable contact form can be found here. With the help of diverse links, this contact page serves not only as an interaction point but also as a source of marketing and promotion for their company. Furthermore, the contact information includes all the details required: physical addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails.


09 Yeti

The welcoming amusing phrase of the Yeti website conveys a feeling of comfort and reliability. The contact page is well-structured and organized. Here the users are provided with links to FAQs and other sections with relevant information. However, if the users still fail to find the information of their interest, they can use an e-mail to contact the company. A bit below there is the address of their corporate office along with the links to their departments, the details on their working hours and phone numbers.


10 Yummygum

The contact page of Yummygum provides users with a multistep contact form. Here users can choose the topic of their message and then fill in a pretty standard form. The page itself seems rather friendly and it’s achieved with the help of the “Our door is always open for a good cup of coffee” welcoming phrase and a list of options to contact them. The company also contains information about their location (in the background of the map) and links to their social networks where they are presented.


The above-displayed contact page examples show diverse approaches to designing this type of page. They are all unique but the thing that unites them is that they are consistent with the overall website design and that they all have been thoroughly developed. This is what each company should strive for. 

On a final note

The process of creating an amazing and efficient contact us page may seem to be not as simple as most companies wanted it to be. However, fortunately, you are not alone in this battle for perfection. Therefore, we did our best to show how it can and should work to make companies even more successful.

We hope that you have found the article provided valuable and inspirational so as to follow this guideline and apply the knowledge gained. Nevertheless, in case of any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals as long as we’re always here for you.

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