How to Create & Design a Fitness Website

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Healthcare website design is an effective advertising tool with which companies can catch the attention of potential customers, establish cooperation with new business partners, and at the same time sell their products or services. Moreover, competent development and promotion of the fitness center site can guarantee business growth and success along with a constant stream of clients.

How to develop a resource for a fitness club that will become a working tool for attracting new visitors? Can a website make it easier to work with already existing customers? In what way? In this article, we’ll find the answers to these questions and discover the main features of fitness sites, along with the brightest examples that work.

Why Ester Digital Recommends Having a Great Gym Website

There are three key reasons for building a fitness website:

Position your fitness club: The website should answer potential clients’ questions about who you are and what you do. As soon as the users enter the website, they should immediately see what this particular fitness center offers them and what makes it special, so they have a clear idea of what they can get if they decide to join.

Answer your visitors’ doubts: When visiting the fitness club website, users are interested in various information, from the location of the club to the price list. Therefore, a high-quality website must answer these questions in advance to provide users with a complete image that helps them make an informed decision.

Attract new clients: A thoroughly-developed fitness website plays an essential role in both attracting new customers and ensuring a great user experience for existing ones. Its development should not be neglected. Without this tool, there is a high risk that hardly anyone will know about your amazing fitness club. And we don’t want that to happen, right?

There’s no doubt that fitness websites are of great importance for many different reasons. Therefore, we advise every business to give themselves a chance to shine and let people know about them.

What Elements Should You Include in an Effective Gym Website From Ester Digital’s Standpoint

Every fitness club’s website should have distinct individual characteristics that set it apart. However, there are certain common elements and techniques that may significantly inhance the website’s effectiveness and its interaction with the target audience. Let’s examine them.

Location and contact information are crucial to customers, making it essential to include the club’s address (with its location on the map) on the website. If the gym has multiple branches, specify each one, making it easier for users to select the one closest to them. Provide phone and email contact information for users who want to reach out.

As mobile page views are more prevalent than desktop views, fitness centers must ensure their website is easily adaptive. Furthermore, the website interface should be user-friendly and intuitive to avoid confusing visitors and provide them with the best experience.

Posting a class schedule on the gym website ensures customers’ convenience, and it’s necessary to keep the information up-to-date. The workout’s duration, difficulty level, and trainer’s name should be included in the schedule so that users have comprehensive data on the classes. Gyms should also offer the option of online booking, saving time for both the gym and the user.

To attract users’ attention and encourage them to choose the gym, high-quality visuals for the gym website design should be used, such as custom illustrations or original  photos instead of generic ones from the internet. This approach enables users to familiarize themselves with actual trainers and equipment available in the gym, enhancing trust and loyalty.

To draw in new customers via the gym website design, search engine optimization should be utilized in the website design, employing keywords or phrases. Furthermore, gyms should not overlook quality control of website content, as search engines take note of it, ensuring that each potential client sees top-notch service.

The design of the sports club website is crucial since it serves as a business card for the facility. It’s essential to ensure that the website quality doesn’t diminish the club’s impression, as users directly associate it with the quality of services provided. Thus, companies need to prioritize the website’s design to reflect the seriousness of the club’s approach and its level of professionalism.

Providing an irresistible offer is a sure way to please customers, and regular introduction of new offers maintains their interest in cooperating with the club. Not only discounts, but also various promotions help keep them engaged, so users feel the real benefit and continue (or start) visiting the gym.

If a fitness club or its trainers have diverse awards or certificates, it’s highly advisable to display them on the website. Doing so increases the level of credibility among users, indicating that they’re working with professionals in their field and are in good hands.

Gathering feedback from customers (about classes or trainers) and displaying it on the website builds user trust. It’s important to collect and show all feedback, not just positive ones, as users appreciate transparency and authenticity.

The list of elements to include on the fitness website is not exhaustive and can be extended. However, incorporating these basic features will suffice in enhancing the fitness or gym website’s design and development effectiveness in attracting and retaining clients.

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How to Create a Fitness and Gym Website With Ester Digital’s Guidelines

Once the essential elements of the fitness website are explored, it’s important to determine the steps that gyms need to take to make their websites effective and unforgettable:

Choose a platform: If resources and specialists aren’t available to build a website from scratch or with a framework, the first thing fitness centers need to do is decide on a content management system (CMS) for their website. Since there are many options available, thorough analysis and research are required.

Select a hosting plan and domain name: The next step is to decide under which address they want their gym to be found by users. It’s advisable to choose a simple and clear domain name closely related to the sporting sphere. When it comes to hosting, gyms should select the one that best suits them according to the scope of services offered by various providers.

Install a fitness theme or develop a custom one: To immerse users in the world of sport from the very first second of their stay on the website, it’s necessary to install a suitable fitness theme or develop a custom one. It should convey the atmosphere of a healthy lifestyle and sport, such as a gym with training equipment or people doing exercises.

Add appropriate pages and essential elements: The following pages should be included in all types of fitness websites:

  • Homepage: This page of of your fitness website should introduce users to the website and contain several blocks with brief information about the gym and its services, a slider with current promotions and event announcements, the list of club advantages (swimming pool, parking, etc.), an application form for a trial visit, and other attention-grabbing elements.
  • About us page: Visitors expect to find comprehensive information about the fitness center, including its history, mission, and values. Gyms should try to be more “alive” by delivering information in the form of a short video or presentation to become closer to clients.
  • Contact page: This page should contain phone numbers, e-mail, and links to social media networks where the company is presented, the club’s location (accompanied by the map), and the working hours. 

Add lead generation tools: A call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most effective lead generation tools since it prompts website visitors to take action. For example, gyms can use CTAs to fill out a form, sign up for a free trial class, contact a specialist who will help pick a program, or subscribe to get the latest information on hot offers.

Start marketing and promotion campaign: Advertising and promotion are essential for any business, including the fitness niche. Gyms should ensure that their services are noticed through various types of advertisements, from pop-up ads to billboards on the street.

We believe that following these steps to create and develop a fitness website will help companies become remarkable and prosperous in their business.

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Top 10 Fitness Gym Website Templates & Themes

Not so long ago, we mentioned the necessity of installing great fitness themes that will help companies to become noticeable. Right now, we’d like to share with you the brightest gym website templates and themes created in the WordPress CMS. And who knows, maybe you’ll find the right one for you.

01 TheGem

TheGem is a universal creative template that provides high performance of a web resource. The template incorporates modern scrolling effects, animated section switching, slide-menus, etc. Corresponding sections (a schedule of classes, training description, special offers panel, the latest posts from the blog) are presented on the ready-made pages. The sliders show advertising banners with a request button, customer reviews, trainer profiles, and other information that customers may be fascinated by.


02 Gym X

Gym X is a niche WordPress fitness theme. The template has everything needed to create a professional sports club or health center website. Following the user requests, widgets for feedback, information about gyms and trainers, schedules, opening hours, and online booking were added to it. Moreover, by changing the structure, colors, and fonts of the pages, it’s quite easy to achieve the style desired.


03 TopFit

TopFit is a theme for sports websites. The ready-made, high-quality websites such as fitness club templates, online sports nutrition, and clothing stores are ready to be installed in one single click. The template pages may include the following interactive elements: body mass index calculator, calendar of classes, price table, and others. Furthermore, the application of WooCommerce turns the TopFit website into a great online store.


04 Yoga Fit

Yoga Fit is a template designed for websites of yoga and meditation studios, fitness centers, and dance classes. The main feature of this theme is the Visual Content Composer plugin that comprises an extensive collection of shortcodes. It means that the process of adding various elements, such as an interactive schedule or a photo gallery of different yoga poses (asanas), becomes smooth and easy.


05 Fitmax

Fitmax is a well-designed and professional template intended mainly for running the business in the sports field (for example, fitness studios and crossfit gyms). Thanks to the availability of versatile demo layouts, this theme can also be employed for creating diverse websites. Here, a large set of features and tools enable users to customize everything without any issues or problems. Among them, you can find amazing animation functionality, numerous creative elements, and much more that will free you from developing a website from scratch.


06 WizeFit

WizeFit is a fresh and modern WordPress theme that is perfect for presenting crossfit centers, gyms, fitness clubs, yoga centers, and other sports facilities. This template provides users with a unique opportunity to promote their business and attract as many customers as possible. The theme includes advanced typography along with other features that facilitate the quick and easy launching of the website.


07 Namaskar

With the help of this beautiful WordPress template, the process of building yoga or fitness websites causes no trouble at all. The unique and responsive design of Namaskar will definitely make the business project stand out from the competitors. Powerful JetElements modules help to create a wonderful design in just a few minutes. The template is SEO-optimized, compatible with modern browsers, easy to install, and contains a great collection of web forms. Moreover, if users are eager to quickly build an online store, the incorporated Ecwid plugin will be of much help.


08 FitPro

This modern theme is specially designed for gyms, fitness clubs, and other sports-related websites. FitPro will look fascinating on any device since it is fully adaptive, which is its huge pro. The template offers endless color options, parallax effects for slideshows and presentations, powerful shortcodes, an intuitive administrative panel, and other elements. Furthermore, it may be used to create either single or multi-page websites with an opportunity to integrate an online store (with the help of the WooCommerce plugin).


09 Gameplan

The Gameplan theme was built for gyms, fitness centers, and other websites connected to a healthy lifestyle. It has many features that assist in setting up schedules for events and classes. This WordPress theme was created with the help of Visual Composer, meaning the users are able to make their own websites utilizing the drag-and-drop page builder. The Visual Composer is optimized for working with over 40 various shortcodes, icons, buttons, sliders, widgets, and many more.


 10 GymBase

GymBase is a WordPress minimalist theme. It has a responsive layout that looks great on any device and gadget. The theme provides users with lots of useful elements such as a blog page with comments, a filterable portfolio with page details, schedules, contact pages with a location map, a contact form, etc. The GymBase theme is full of unlimited color options that can be applied to any sport-related website.


The templates and themes created for various fitness websites are designed to make the life of companies much convenient and easy. Each of them has its own scope of functionality and features that distinguish it from the rest. That’s why it’s up to you to decide which of them suits you and your goals best.

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Top 10 Fitness Websites

Once the theoretical and practical parts of this aspect are explored, let’s take a moment of inspiration and enjoy viewing our top examples of the already existing gym websites.

01 Live Strong

Live Strong is a website aimed at helping people improve their health from different angles (from nutrition to workouts). The website design is pretty minimalist. However, it contains all the elements required. They even provide users with a list of topics presented in an alphabetical order, which makes the navigation a piece of cake. In the right upper corner, there’s a CTA after which, within a minute, users may sign up and receive any information of their interest.


02 BodyRock

When you first visit the BodyRock website, you immediately bump into a big banner that advertises its special offers. The only thing users should do is to fill out a short form and press the button to submit it. The design is pretty simple, while the colors used here for promotion are really bright and catchy so that there are no chances to miss it out. Moreover, the support chat automatically enables and offers its help in case visitors have some questions. And that shows how much they care about the convenience of their visitors.


03 Echo Fitness

The design of the Echo Fitness website is incredibly soft and relaxing. And that is achieved through the image of mountains that serves as a reflection of the experience and passion of the company founder Phoebe Griffiths, who has been a ski instructor for 10 years. Among its services, the website offers personal (or group) and remote fitness training, retreats, and ski instructions (of course). Moreover, here users are provided with a blog and links to social media networks where they can find various posts about the company, its activities, and the latest news.


04 Junaid Dar

The JDarPT website is focused on helping people on their way towards getting a perfect body. The range of services varies from personal or group classes to boxing ones. The website comprises all the elements users may be interested in. The homepage left part is devoted to social media where users can immerse themselves in the healthy ecosystem of the company. Furthermore, on their About page, visitors may see the photos of trainers along with the pictures of transformations of their club guests. And that certainly contributes to the level of trust.


05 Be Active

Be Active offers its visitors to attend group or individual training sessions that are conducted by the club founder. Even if you click on the button with chat, you’ll see his name, which means you’ll have an opportunity to ask him various questions. This personal approach is felt everywhere: from the Instagram icon (with his profile) to the section “About me” where he tells about his experience and motivation to become a trainer. And that makes you feel that there are no mediators between you and the company since he’s the brand himself.


06 Blissed

The Blissed website is all about a comprehensive approach towards a healthy lifestyle that is embodied in online programs. During them, users will acquire knowledge on various topics aimed at improving their physical as well as mental health. Thanks to pastel colors and elegant fonts, the design is viewed as pretty sophisticated. Even the CTA button of subscription is not highlighted yet still prominent. In the blog, visitors can discover various psychological articles and posts about nutrition that they may find valuable and useful. 


07 Belmont Shore

This volleyball club is designed in a rather minimalist way. Here, on the homepage, they have a huge picture featuring the real students and club members. And that makes this website closer to visitors since they immediately stop thinking about joining the club as something impossible or available for VIPs only. Moreover, the website, in general, is full of various dynamic photos as if it was a blog or a personal account. On the Coaches page, users can find profiles of club trainers, their personal information, and descriptions of their experience, along with their awards.


08 Octopus Academy

The homepage of Octopus Academy greets new visitors with a short video of fitness training and martial arts sessions conducted in this club. In the “About” section, users can find a table with the advantages of joining the academy. And that enables them to consider all the points mentioned and make a deliberate choice in its favor. The bright green CTA button invites visitors to join the club for free (for seven days) by simply leaving their contact details. Moreover, the website header has an option to switch the language to Hebrew, which some users may find really helpful.


09 Bodybuilding

The Bodybuilding website deals with everything connected to this type of sport (obviously) and offers its users not only fitness workouts but also various related products and equipment. A huge banner with special offers and discounts takes up the whole space of the homepage, which is a good marketing tool since it immediately leads to making some kind of purchase. In the website header, users may choose the suitable language and country for shipping. And it’s worth mentioning that the list of countries is really long. The blog presented here is divided into categories, which is rather convenient as long as visitors do not need to scroll endlessly in the pursuit of the information of their interest.


10 Brooklyn Yoga Club

The amazing design of this first body-positive yoga studio owned by two Black women truly inspires since the desire to come and enjoy the body and mind balance is almost irresistible. They offer their guests both in-person and virtual yoga classes with an opportunity to arrange corporate sessions too. Two prominent buttons with the schedule and price list somehow demonstrate that the most important thing is to pick the class and start working. Moreover, a whole section is devoted to the policies where the owners state everything that users should consider in advance, which is very thoughtful.


These examples are meant to show that the fitness website design doesn’t have any strict rules or norms. It’s all a matter of your goals and tastes. Hopefully, you enjoyed exploring this list of websites, and it helped you in determining the style and features that you’d like to apply to your own website.

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On a Final Note

To build an amazing website for a fitness club, companies should adhere to a systematic approach since the success of the company directly depends on that. Moreover, many factors should be taken into account to present the gym in the best possible way.

In this article, we revealed the essence of fitness website design along with its features and key elements to be included. Therefore, we suppose that this information will help you manage this issue. Nevertheless, in case of any obstacles or doubts, Ester Digital is always at your disposal. Just contact us, and we will gladly help you work them out.

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